Petit Couture Euphoria: First ride on the Big-O!

22 May

You can find my first review of this toy at Edenfantasys. The original review is here. The review in this entry is an entirely rewritten review of the product. Yes, I loved her that much.

I’ll first lament the fact that I lost this beauty while moving out of my dorm a few weeks ago. But still, you can never forget your first vibe and Euphoria was a very memorable vibe.

First off, the velvety smooth feel of Euphoria’s silicone shaft is positively purr-inducing. When I first shook her out of her packaging, the feeling of that almost plush-feeling shaft made me sit and squeeze for a few minutes before realizing that sitting in the middle of my dorm-room squeezing a vibrator probably wasn’t the safest thing to do–seeing that my roommate would be returning soon and that I am definitely trying to keep my toys a secret (I seem to fail later in one case, but that’s a different story).

The next thing I love about this toy is the absolutely not intimidating look she has. As a very newcomer to the world of any sort of sex toy, Euphoria was my first plunge into the pool. Euphoria comes in one color: pink. But I personally think it’s actually a rather pleasing shade of pink and it really grew on me. Her entire almost 7″ shaft is entirely made of smooth, velvety, plush silicone except for the plastic end that houses the cap of the battery compartment and the on/off and vibration controls. The plastic end feels and looks good though. It’s a shiny, smooth, silver color and the plastic doesn’t feel off-putting in the slightest. The shaft, while plush and squishy, isn’t floppy and is rigid enough to penetrate without giving any issues (though she will give if you bend her any which way with your hands). The silicone shaft conducts vibrations very well and the vibrations all focus very well at her round and tapered tip. When I had her, I used her mainly as a clitoral vibe as I hadn’t bucked up the courage for any insertion, but I would think that the ridges that go down her shaft would do something for feeling.

There are two buttons in the plastic end, both light up red when Euphoria is turned on. The button closest to the shaft is the power button and the one farthest down is the vibration cycler. Euphoria comes with seven pre-set vibration and vibration patterns. The first three are incrementally increasing vibration levels (even the lowest level being enough to bring me over the edge). The next four are programmed vibrations, the first two being a pattern of on-off-on-off-on-off, one having a larger frequency than the other. The third patten is a build-up from low vibration to high. The fourth and last pattern is a seemingly random set of frequencies. The vibration and patterns just cycle as you push the button. I admit, it would be rather easy to mistakenly hit the button mid-session and knock your concentration off quite a bit if you held the vibe by the plastic end–I tend to grip her more by the shaft.

Euphoria is run by two AAA batteries. Non-rechargable? No problem. I had Euphoria running on the same pair of batteries for weeks it seems and I still used her every other day or so for about 15 minute intervals. I didn’t even have to do the trick where you remove the batteries to conserve power between sessions. She just seemed to go on forever! The only tricky bit I came upon (no pun intended) with Euphoria and batteries was that there were times where she wouldn’t turn on. I’d have to twist off the battery cap and then twist it back on. Simple as that. Then she’d turn on again.

Cal Exotics says that Euphoria is waterproof, but the plastic cap contains no rubber ring to keep water out and is only twist on so I’d be cautious on that claim. I never had the opportunity to test her out in the dorm shower, but after washing her off at times, if I submerged the plastic end, I remember seeing water droplets inside of the battery cap area.

As for cleaning Euphoria, it’s a breeze. I began just washing her in warm/hot water and anti-bacterial soap. I then got a toy cleaner (Before & After) and it got even easier. Because she is made of silicone, you could sterilize Euphoria by bleaching or boiling her. I’ll advise that you keep the plastic end out of the bleach or boiling water though.

Having lived in a college dorm setting, I worried a lot about secrecy and discreetness in my toys. Euphoria is amazingly quiet. I didn’t worry about waking up my roommate when using her late at night–though I don’t think that using her when my roommate was awake would have been advisable. Her appearance isn’t very threatening, though it’s rather obvious what she is, so hiding her was necessary.

Euphoria was a wonderful first vibrator: Friendly, amazing feeling, reliable (made me squirt on my first run ever!), easy to care for. She was everything a girl could dream for. Now I’m tempted to repurchase her again…never forget.

Here’s my first review of her on (there are pictures of her there):

product picture
Traditional vibrator by California Exotic
Material: Silicone

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