Bcurious: A Sated Curiosity

29 May

The Bcurious

Bcurious. Made by Bswish which is based in LA.

Cute. Curvaceous. And…well, smaller than I thought she’d be–but there’s my mind blowing things out of proportion again. Even though the Bcurious is smaller than I had initially thought it to be, she actually turned out to be the perfect size. I mean, why would I need something huge to tease my clit? She looks sleek: a black body broken up only by a stripe of hot pink going around her middle. A note to you readers though: this pink stripe/swirl is not one with the body. It seems to be stuck onto the toy giving the Bcurious tiny seams that run along the sides of this pink bit. The seam isn’t very obvious at the tip–where play is intended–so you won’t have to worry about residue getting stuck down there or feeling it during play. It’s a little more pronounced toward the wider end of the toy where you might be holding it.

The list of materials on her box says that she’s made of PC plastics and silicone. Unfortunately she does feel more plastic than silicone–more like a plastic toy with a thin coating of silicone. So she has a very smooth feeling to her body with limited drag.

Bcurious (note size)

Bcurious (note size)

The Bcurious is intended as a clitoral stimulator. Trying to use her for vaginal stimulation wouldn’t be an easy task given her shape and probably given her size. Shapewise, Bcurious reminds me a bit of those old wooden Dutch clogs with just a bit more curve to them. The tip of the toy is where the vibration is strongest and concentrated. I can barely feel any vibration in the wider end of the toy at all if there is any. So if you’re someone who likes a wide spread of vibration instead pinpoint, this toy may not be the best for you.

When I received the Bcurious, I had to return and exchange her due to the outside and inside of her box being dusty. That also meant that they toy was dusty–so I had my doubts. When I got her again…she was still a little dusty. So I don’t know if that’s just how the toy is from the manufacturer or if it was the store. I shall say that the store was very eager to help and replace her for me and I am very grateful. I shall also note that both times I received her, she came already charged.

Front and Side

Box's Back

Package-wise, the Bcurious comes in a simple black box with pink panels. one side with a picture of a grayscaled woman and ‘bcurious’ with her description; one side listing her materials; one side depicting a side and then top view of the Bcurious; and the last side with another description of the Bcurious. A very nice box though not very great in the subtle department.

Once you open up the package, the Bcurious is snug inside of the plastic molding. It was a little hard to get her free at first, but at least that means that she wasn’t bouncing around and roughed up during her transit. Whew.

The Bcurious comes with a wall charger and a convenient black storage bag. I’ve read descriptions of the bag likening it to sweatshirt material. I fully support that description. It’s big enough to fit the Bcurious and I think you could actually fit in one or two more small toys (bullets and/or wipes and such).

When it comes to using the Bcurious, there’s one main button that controls this toy. On top of the wide end, there’s a dual clicking button. One side turns the toy on and off. The other side controls the cycle of vibrations that the Bcurious goes through. One cool thing I liked about this toy is that around the button and the functions on the button glows blue when she’s on. Black, pink, and blue–a pretty combo. The first setting of the Bcurious is a standard straight vibration. The second is a higher frequency and the third is the highest. These straight vibrations were more buzzy the higher the frequency. The first setting, while thuddy, was too light to really take me over the edge. Starting on the fourth setting, you get the programmed patterns. First pattern is a slow build-up wave, the second is a series of short bursts of vibration, the third is an even faster version of this, and the fourth setting goes short-short-short-long short-short-short-long and so forth.

Sound-wise. The Bcurious is very quiet on her lowest setting. I can barely hear her. Her second setting is only a little louder. But after that, her third setting and on have a noise level comparable to a bullet vibe. Speaking of bullet vibes, she also have the power of one once you get into her higher frequencies. Wow. There were times when I thought it’d be too much. I almost wish there was a level in between the first and second because the former is too light and the second is almost too intense. I don’t think I’d be afraid of using this in my dorm though–or in my room. She’s quiet enough that you won’t hear her outside of a closed door. Another thing that I’ll note is that my Bcurious makes an odd scraping sound in her motor every few seconds. I don’t know if this is just my toy or something that happens in all of them. It makes me a little nervous and I hope that the motor isn’t going to break or something. Not something I want to worry about in the middle of masturbating.

Bcurious is splash-proof and water-proof thanks to the silicone plug over her recharge port. Just make sure that you press the silicone firmly into place before playing with her in the water. If you get any moisture there, blow out as much as you can and leave her out to dry completely.

Charger, Bcurious, Bag

Something else that I love about the Bcurious: she’s rechargable. Being a college student, I don’t want to go out and buy batteries again and again (especially if I have other things for school that I need batteries for). Just peel up the little silicone plug over her port and insert her charger in for two hours for a full charge, and you’ll get two hours of use. I’ve noticed that between charges, she doesn’t seem to show the lose of charge in any way. Her vibrations are still as strong as they were when I just took her off the wall.

Cleaning the Bcurious is a breeze. Just use a bit of anti-bacterial soap (or anti-bacterial toy cleaner) and warm water. One thing that Bswish writes is that you shouldn’t use products with alcohol to clean the Bcurious. She doesn’t attract lint very much, but she does attract finger-prints over her slightly matte finish. Also, since she is made of mostly plastic, you can’t sterilize her fully. No boiling her–that would mess with the body and her motor. Not something you want broken.

You can purchase the Bcurious at this sex toy shop–I haven’t had a problem with my orders there before. Or you can at the one I mentioned above.

I give the Bcurious by Bswish 4 stars out of 5–taking away a star for the weird motor noise and wishing for a setting between 1 and 2. I can’t wait to take her to China with me!

PS: Has anyone else gotten a dusty Bcurious before? Or is this just me?

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by BSwish
Material: Silicone / Plastic

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