Big Book of Sex Toys: Not as Big as I Thought–but Packed!

5 Jun

I guess this is another example of me overestimating how large something is (there will be *another* example of me mistaking size coming up later…ohmibod you don’t even know).

Even though the Big Book of Sex Toys by Tristan Taormino (published in 2009) wasn’t as big as I had imagined it. This book is still jam packed with information about toys in general and even specific toys. All of this is printed on thick, slightly matte, almost glossy paper.

Front Cover: Yes...I got a defective book. Had it from a different vendor. The binding is upsidedown. Now I can really read a book upsidedown!

Back Cover: See pretty small pics!

Note: if you’re trying to keep a secret with your sex toys…let me tell you now that this book is in no way discrete. The cover is made up of the title: The Big Book of Sex Toys all over its front–spelled out with the aid of, you guessed it, sex toys. It’s a very pretty cover, don’t get me wrong. Just not something to lounge around reading when there are people in the house–they might ask what’s going on and you’re going to have to choose between leaving the book open or closing it. Both of which aren’t extremely helpful (personal experience?). This leads us to the next point:

This book is filled will full color photographs of toys and couples using the toys (barely clad or artfully posed to block out the naughty bits–though there are breasts everywhere). While pretty, the pictures are of only heterosexual couples with a certain body type: all the females slim (or really really skinny) and the males trim and muscular. I also found that there were more than a few repeats of the same photo used throughout the book. So they’re not all unique pictures, which I found a little disappointing.

They’re all very pretty and mainstream photos, but they can be actually very useful, for Tristan Taormino doesn’t only talk about toys and what they’re used for, and how they work, but she also adds tips on how to use certain toys in certain positions. These tips are helpfully illustrated by the couples in the pretty pictures–that are on nearly every other page of the book. If it’s not half-naked people, it’s a toy. I’d actually say it’s safer with the pictures of the toys, especially if it’s a discreet toy.

Inside the Book

(What I did was shut the book and turn to the back cover–which is covered in small summary print framed with small pictures of different sex toys–and hoped with everything that other people’s eyesight weren’t that good at the moment…)

Taormino’s book is arranged in the following chapters (description in parentheses): The Introduction (sex toys can be fun and shouldn’t be seen as a threat!); Sexual Anatomy (A brief guide to women and men’s genitalia and anal regions); Sex Toys (Why sex toys are good and what they’re good for) ; Shopping (How and where to buy your sex toys from a good sex toy shop); Not All Sex Toys are Created Equal (A guide on sex toy materials); All About Vibrators (Pretty much as it says, an introduction to all the different sorts of vibes out there); Bullets, Eggs, and Bunnies (as stated); Power Up (plugged-in vibes/massagers and the Eroscillator); Look Ma, No Hands (Wearable/hands-off vibes); Work Your Way In with Insertable Vibrators (Different sorts of insertable vibes); Twice as Nice (going into dual action vibe territory); High-Tech and Luxury Vibrators (again as stated) ; Pleasure for Him (all about sleeves! Also pumps!); All You Ever Wanted to Know About Cock Rings (;D); Delicious Dildos and Wonderful Wands (about and the differences between a dildo and a wand–this one taught me a bit); Anal Pleasure (from anal beads to plugs to safety); Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life (Taormino talks about strap-ons and what to us in them and about the different harnesses); Ignite Your Senses with Sensation Products and Toys (Sensations from ticklers to massage candles, paint, the edible stuff, and liquid latex!); Tie Her Up, Tie Him Down (Introduction to Bondage, the trust and planning that goes with it, and the restraints you can choose from); Crack the Whip! (We’re going into BDSM territory); Grown-up Swing (Fun with positioning swings as well as wedges and pillows); Wetter is Better (All sorts of lubrications and what toys they should be used with); Toy Care, Cleaning, and Safety (The feeding and caring guide for your toys to keep them in best health); Building Your Toy Box (how to make a toy box and tips for storage); and there’s also a Resource Guide, Acknowledgments, and About the Author.

Size Comparison: Standard Letter Paper under the book

As you can tell with all of these chapters, this book covers a lot of material. The titles are all very straight-forward and fun too. It’s a lot like the tone that Taormino uses throughout the book. She’s fun, she’s engaging–writing the book in a conversational and engaging manner–and she’s to the point. She has to be to the point if she wants to cover material from clitoral vibrators to lubrication without running out of space! This book is around 7 inches x 7 inches, and 1 inch thick (counting both hardcovers). It’s big, but smaller than you’d think it needs to be in order to cover all this material. Taormino does it though by giving you the essentials.

As a beginner, I found all the information to be very fascinating and useful. Taormino doesn’t only tell you about sex toys, but also gives you safety tips, ideas on how to use the toys, and also recommendations about what toys to get. Yeah, this book is chock full of current toys on the market and about how they work. As I mentioned before, Taormino also takes certain toys and gives directions on how to use the toy in a certain position that might be best for it (She calls these sections where she gives advice on what sex toy to use in what positions the “Perfect Pairings”). But not only are there recommendations, there are also links to websites where you can find some of these toys. Taormino does a good job giving out a variety of online shops to buy from, be it from the manufacturer or stores like EdenFantasys.

I found a few typos as I read through the book (such as the Bo cockering being described as a Tantus product when it is made by LELO), but not very many of those at all. This is a very quality book and good for beginners to guide them into the world of sex toys and how to use them. It’s good for those who might need a little convincing or proof that it’s OK to use a sex toy. Though they might have to get over the soft-core erotica within the book first. But this book is also for anyone who loves sex toys. It’s a great collection of information with lots of pictures for illustrating various points. I think I’ll keep it on hand if any of my friends wants to find out more about the subject. Hidden though…remember, not discreet.

You can get the Big Book of Sex Toys from this adult toys store.

product picture
Book by Tristan Taormino
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Quiver

12 Responses to “Big Book of Sex Toys: Not as Big as I Thought–but Packed!”

  1. Kayla June 5, 2010 at 2:34 am #

    I actually liked the book quite a bit. When given to friends, it’s actually one of their favorites to flip through. Maybe it’s because the naked people keep their attention or maybe it’s because it really was artfully put together. I’m not sure.

    • newlyinclined June 5, 2010 at 10:54 am #

      I liked it too. I admit I was surprised by the pictures at first and trying to hide while reading this book was hard xD

      I can’t wait to give this to my friends if they’re interested to learn a bit. Yeah, I think it is very artfully put together and definitely fun to look at.

      Thank you for the comment!

  2. The Porn Librarian June 9, 2010 at 7:24 am #

    I definitely need a copy of this for my coffee table!

    • newlyinclined June 10, 2010 at 7:31 am #

      Oh, this would definitely make a gorgeous coffee table book. ^^ I’d love to do that–it might scandalize my housemates to death though!


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