From Under the Rock

23 Aug

Whew! I’m back! Sorry that took so long. China…was a bit more difficult to navigate than I had initially thought when it came to the Internet…if it didn’t load, it didn’t load properly and unfortunately WordPress was one of the sites that suffered for me.

Back State-side though and can I tell you that I’ve tried something new already since coming here.

I received my nJoy Pure Wand just a few days before I left for China and decided to leave it in the States while I was gone–try it when I come back.

So that’s exactly what I did.

It’ll take a few more sessions before I actually write something about it (like the many sessions I’ve had with my G-Ki since not being able to actually write about it in China). And like with G-Ki, I hope I’ll come to a conclusive response.

My first response so far though: nJoy Pure Wand…not explosive, but great in an understated way….will this be exactly what it turns out to be? We’ll see as time goes on! But as time goes on, let’s hope that I get my G-Ki review up soon! I have quite a bit to say about it!


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