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Big Book of Sex Toys: Not as Big as I Thought–but Packed!

5 Jun

I guess this is another example of me overestimating how large something is (there will be *another* example of me mistaking size coming up later…ohmibod you don’t even know).

Even though the Big Book of Sex Toys by Tristan Taormino (published in 2009) wasn’t as big as I had imagined it. This book is still jam packed with information about toys in general and even specific toys. All of this is printed on thick, slightly matte, almost glossy paper.

Front Cover: Yes...I got a defective book. Had it from a different vendor. The binding is upsidedown. Now I can really read a book upsidedown!

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Bcurious: A Sated Curiosity

29 May

The Bcurious

Bcurious. Made by Bswish which is based in LA.

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Speeding Bullets Armor Piercing: 3-2-1 Breakthrough!

22 May

This review is titled ‘3-2-1 Breakthrough’ because I’ve never had a faster or harder orgasm with any of my other toys before. I used this bullet for about a minute on its lowest setting and almost felt like I was going to squirt. It was that much.

Again, this one was one of the two toys I lost during move-out…so no picture with this review. *so sad*. She’s one toy that I really do miss.

You can buy the product at Edenfantasys and find my review here

SBAP is a wonderful little bullet who I’m considering buying again. We’ll see–maybe Bcurious will put that purchase off.

product picture
Bullet by Evolved
Material: Plastic

Petit Couture Euphoria: First ride on the Big-O!

22 May

You can find my first review of this toy at Edenfantasys. The original review is here. The review in this entry is an entirely rewritten review of the product. Yes, I loved her that much.

I’ll first lament the fact that I lost this beauty while moving out of my dorm a few weeks ago. But still, you can never forget your first vibe and Euphoria was a very memorable vibe.

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